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12 reasons why you made 2017 a winner!

12 reasons why you made 2017 a winner!

Wow, what a year!

As we prepare for a huge 2018, we've taken a breather to look back our biggest ever year as a community. Across the world, more of you than ever have joined #TEAMTRUESTART and are upping the game with every cup of coffee you drink.

Life at TRUESTART® feels full speed ahead most of the time, and it's important to reflect and celebrate major milestones as well. Sometimes it's hard to believe that just a couple of years ago, TRUESTART® was just an idea.

Simon & I founded TRUESTART® Coffee to make coffee inspiring, innovative and better for you. To give you a clean, sustainable and ethical energy boost, so you can feel great and get the most out of life every single day. In 2017 we took another step closer towards this dream, all thanks to your support and belief!

Here's what you've been a part of in 2017, we hope you enjoy the highlights!

We were all very very active... no rest for the wicked!

Of course, we drank a lot of awesome coffee along the way!

These incredible new products were released after many months of careful development

We took another small step towards building a truly global community!

Not everyone is as fortunate, so we make sure to help where we can

It was an honour to be recognised for all of the love, passion and effort that goes into what we do

Not to mention the hundreds of inspiring stories, adventures and achievements we have witnessed from the TRUESTART® community over the lat 12 months... you guys rock!

One of our favourite quotes is this one from Tony Robbins:

People over-estimate what they can do in a year and under-estimate what they can do in 10

If we can do this together in just 1 year… imagine what we can achieve in the next 10!

Rest assured we have some huge plans for 2018. We'll be bringing your TRUESTART® Coffee boost to you in new ways, with more energy than ever before!

And of course, there'll be a tiny new addition to #TEAMTRUESTART in May. Thank you for being part of this crazy journey. Thank you for being open minded and wild for life. Here's to an even bigger and better 2018!

Thank you

Helena & Simon

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  • Thanks for the constant updates and encouragement throughout this year. Other companies could learn a great deal from you guys, you’re always happy to help despite how ridiculously busy you’ve been!

    Ps. Love your kit range as well, just need to add a sleeved tri suit ?

  • You guys are totally awesome and I hope 2018 brings you even more success but, more importantly, more joy & happiness. X

    Mel Varvel
  • Thanks for all the hard work bringing great products – it’s really appreciated. Looking forward to spreading the word in 2018. Happy New Year x

    Lesley & Shaun Boniface

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