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Good for you. Naturally.

Good for you. Naturally.

When you buy a whipped cream packed, spiced, fruity latte with extra syrup... you aren't buying a coffee, you are indulging in a milkshake... a high sugar, dairy treat that might look good on Instagram but probably isn't doing you any favours for your health and wellbeing.

Coffee can be a magical elixir. It has been shown to help fight depression and make you happier, and there are several observational studies showing that coffee drinkers even live longer! As if you needed another reason to take another sip.

TrueStart is super clean coffee, hyper-selectively sourced for a stable caffeine content to make you feel amazing with no crash and no jitters. Did you know the caffeine in regular coffee varies loads? Well, not with TrueStart. You know you're going to feel great every time.

The reason you feel so great after drinking TrueStart is because it is a very clean, carefully sourced coffee which is freeze-dried to lock in the antioxidant benefits and flavour. You also get that perfect caffeine boost rather than the danger of overdosing, with no crash.
As well as the kick from our signature stable caffeine dose, our Barista Grade Instant Coffee is packed with naturally occurring antioxidants and minerals at higher levels than green & black teas - winner! These include;
  • Cafestol – anti-inflammatory, memory booster
  • Trigonelline – anti-bacterial, vitamin B3
  • Chlorogenic Acid – metabolism & insulin booster § Melanoidins – anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial
  • Quinine – antioxidant
  • Caffeine – fat burner, energiser, focus improver § Hydrocinnamic Acid – neutralise free radicals

 TrueStart Coffee also contains small amounts of these essential minerals:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin E
  • Thiamin
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Folate
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenate
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Iodine

What about mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxins produced by certain moulds (fungi) and can be found in food. It's interesting to know that these moulds grow on a variety of different crops and foodstuffs including cereals, nuts, spices, dried fruits, apples and coffee beans, often under warm and humid conditions.

At TrueStart, mycotoxin levels are something that we proactively measure as part of our hyper-selective sourcing and production process. Not all coffees do this! We have very strict quality control processes and as part of our internal procedures, we run analysis to measure the Ochratoxin A (OTA) to make sure we exceed EU requirements.

TrueStart Coffee consistently contains less than 6.0ppb as per our certifications which is incredibly low. An average person would have to drink a whopping 7 million cups of TrueStart to reach the proven 'intolerable' level of mycotoxins!! Despite increasing consumer awareness, it is very rare for coffee companies to publish their mycotoxin levels publicly, but we do it because have nothing to hide.

Talk to me about Cold Brew

By brewing our premium roasted coffee in cold, purified water overnight, we retain the natural health-boosting properties of the coffee, that can be lost when coffee is brewed with boiling water. What's more is the taste of cold brew is smoother, lighter and less bitter than hot coffee, so you don't need to add milk or sugar. Win, win!

All TrueStart products contain no sugar or calories and are vegan and 100% natural. They're great for intermittent fasting and a keto diet, which we can personally say has helped us boost energy levels and overall wellbeing.

What's not to love... 

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