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What's next for TRUESTART?

What's next for TRUESTART?

Wow, what an adventure the past two years have been since we started TRUESTART Coffee. Although filled with fun, frolics, amazing people (YOU!) and fantastic highs, Simon and I are big on listening to our gut and have not been able to shake the feeling that we need up our game to another level yet!


We love sport, but it’s not our whole lives. Cycling is awesome, but so is a rave. We want it all! From talking to our customers as much as we do, it’s clear that they feel exactly the same. We never wanted to build an elite sports nutrition brand (there are already plenty of awesome ones out there!), because TRUESTART stands for so much more than that, and so do you! We’re not about fitting in and taking ourselves seriously, and nor are our customers. We’re about unlocking the adventure in every day, and being confident to push against the grain. We’re about getting the most out of life.

We’ve started to feel restricted, which is the opposite of why we started TRUESTART in the first place, so it's time for more. 

We're heading into the wild... (this is me doing exactly that in Canada)

We have been doing a helluva lot of soul searching over the past few months. Maybe it was sparked by the fact that we're having a baby, it made us zoom out big time! We realised that what we want is a bolder, brighter, more fun and less serious future for TRUESTART.

This is a much more accurate reflection of who we are and how we want to make people feel - vibrant, energised and wild for life. After all, normal is boring!

It has become really clear that we need to make some changes to our brand to realign TRUESTART with it’s legitimate destiny. People drink TRUESTART to feel awesome, so it should fit into your entire lifestyle, not just the sports bit. This meant our product range needed an overhaul too. We’ll never lose the awesome feeling that TRUESTART gives you, but we want to deliver it in exciting new ways that fit with our customer’s lifestyle, habits and desires. The success of TRUESTART Nitro Cold Brew Coffee has proved to us that our gut is telling us to do the right thing - push boundaries with the product and be more available than “just” sports coffee.

It's time to embrace an adventure! Pic from @oyaroundtheworld

So, what's next?

In many ways this is a story of TRUESTART’s coming of age.

When Simon and I first had the idea for TRUESTART, way back before we launched our first product, we knew we wanted to build an iconic brand that represented our mind set and life philosophy of ‘going all in’.

We asked each other loads of questions, until we fully understood our 'why'. Why are we doing this? What do we want TRUESTART to become? How do we want this brand to make people feel? We’ve always believed in having a strong purpose, without it there’s no passion. And without passion there’s no motivation. Without motivation, we’d never get through the tough days! The answer to all of those questions has never changed, we’re just learning how to communicate it better. We’ll never sit still, where’s the fun in that? We’ll also never hedge our bets, because trying to please everyone is a recipe for disaster.

We have embarked on a journey to unleash our true selves (cheeky throwback there for those of you that remember our first ever tagline - “unleash yourself”!), and with your help we are preparing to launch a rebrand that we are so incredibly excited about and proud of. Something bold, confident and irreverent. Something that represents everything we stand for. We cannot wait to share it with you!

How can you be involved?

You are a big part of TRUESTART’s evolution. If you’d like the chance to be part of our co-create panel and have top-secret first access to what’s coming as well as valuable input into our new products (as well as the odd freebie!), click here to fill in a quick survey and leave your email at the end! 

Let go of normal, jump into extraordinary

It's time to embrace an adventure

Follow the path less travelled, make a splash

Liberate yourself to do the unexpected

Awaken your senses and go wild for life

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