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How you helped shape the True TrueStart

How you helped shape the True TrueStart

Simon & I started TrueStart to prove a point. To prove that you can build something incredible from nothing that makes people feel good, by being honest, open and true to yourself. Also to prove that you can do business the right way, by truly caring about people, your customers, your suppliers and the world around us - you don't have to cut corners at the expense of others!

The eagle-eyed amongst you have noticed that something is going on... something big. And you are right. We asked you to get involved in shaping the future of TrueStart and you responded to our surveys and voted on our polls in droves. Big up to all of you who joined the co-create group! The results have been wonderful to read (I shed quite a few tears actually!) and have massively energised us to take TrueStart to the next level for you.

So first... some insights into the real you

Yes we like fitness, it's really important to keep healthy and do things you love with great people... but the bikes we ride and the trainers we run in are only a small part of our true selves. We wanted to learn a little more about you and the results made us smile!

75% of you want to try Nitro Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee (lots of you commented that you haven't seen it on sale yet) and 82% of you want to try new coffee products in general, so it's awesome to see you guys are with us on the innovation side of life too!

We asked you to describe TrueStart's personality in 3 words and we LOVE what you came back with!

This image shows all words that were used twice or more in your answers. The larger the word, the more often it was used.


We asked you to describe your attitude to life and you really are a positive bunch of go-getters!

We asked you what you would do if you could do anything you wanted for the day and you didn't let us down, so much activity and a little bit of coffee to power you through of course!

We saw some genuinely hilarious responses to this question, plenty are not publishable and we had everything from the very specific...

First I find the coolest, most banging car I can find and get hold of the keys. Then I drive to all my friends' places of work, barge in with an old skiing balaclava and kidnap them. From there we go to the airport and sweet talk our way into a private jet, which we take over to a remote island and bungee jump into the sea. We swim to shore and dry out on the beach before hiking our way to find the best feast imaginable and spend the evening dancing naked around a fire pit.

To the active...

Run through forests, up mountains and down trails. End up covered in mud before swimming in a lake, stoking up a bbq and sleeping in a bivouac on the side of a cliff.

To the downright random (this has to be my favourite)...

Flood the London Underground with strawberry jelly!

And what did you ask us for?

There were some very creative and amusing answers - one of my faves was caffeinated bananas! Here are the most prevalent points from your answers...

You LOVE THE COFFEE and want us to focus on that! Simple. We won't get distracted by things like bars and clothing as part of our core range in the future - what we do best is the super clean, energising coffee with no crash that started us on this incredible journey! We are leading the way in coffee innovation.

You want to see us launch a READY TO DRINK, on the go product... watch this space!!

You also want EXCITING FLAVOURS and NESPRESSO PODS and MORE FRESH COFFEE... don't say we don't listen :) 

You love the PERSONAL TOUCH and the fact we really care 💙 This will never change, we can promise that!

Many of you have asked for BETTER AVAILABILITY, especially in the supermarkets. This is something we're working on, with new products that you will want to enjoy every single day, so they're perfectly suited to broader distribution.

Finally, SUSTAINABILITY was high up on your list. This is a biggie on our agenda and we are so glad you agree. We have put the planet first going forward and will be making some huge moves to becoming the most sustainable brand you know!

What are we doing about it?

We are excited to announce that we are doing ALL of these things. On 26th June, we'll be unveiling the true TrueStart - a vibrant rebrand and new products that we've been working really hard on and cannot wait to share with you.

Thank you for the overwhelming support for us and TrueStart to keep taking on the big boys as an exciting new challenger brand. We won't let you down!

Above all, thank you for being you.

Bring on 26th June...

Helena & Simon

#normalisboring #divein

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  • What an amazing update . You are a fantastic company that deserves the success you have so far , how many others ask their users what they think and then go and listen …bet M & S wished they could do it !

    Debbie Davies
  • Brilliant! Can’t wait to hear more guys – your enthusiasm is SO infectious 😊

    David Derbyshire

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