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Bravilor B10 L/R


Capacity: 60 liters an hour

Dimensions: 612x512x840 mm

Manufacturers Warranty: 12 Months

Lease Available From: £17.27 per week (Subject to credit approval). Get in touch to speak to an expert & get a bespoke quote.

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Effortless Brewing: B10 L/R coffee machine connects directly to a 3/4 inch mains water supply, allowing convenient brewing into removable containers for easy handling.
Intuitive Control Panel: Features an advanced control panel with an LCD display, descaling system, total and daily counters, coffee-ready signal, built-in clock, and safety mechanisms, ensuring user-friendly operation and maintenance.
Flexible Configuration: Equipped with 1 brewing system and the choice of 1 container (left or right from the column), accommodating diverse spatial setups and user preferences.
Optimal Capacity: Each container has a 10-litre holding capacity, delivering a robust throughput of 60 litres per hour (480 cups), meeting the demands of busy environments effectively.
Quick Brewing: Brews 10 litres of coffee in just 10 minutes, ensuring rapid service and reduced waiting times for users, enhancing overall efficiency.
Space-Saving Design: Compact dimensions and flexible placement options make it suitable for various commercial spaces while maximizing available room.
Reliable Water Supply: Utilizes a dependable mains water connection, guaranteeing a steady flow and enabling uninterrupted operation, making it ideal for continuous usage in bustling locations.

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