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Bravilor B10 HW-5




Manufacturers Warranty: 12 Months

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Efficient Brewing: B10 HW-5 ensures direct brewing into removable containers for a continuous supply of fresh coffee.
Integrated Hot Water: Equipped with an integrated hot water section and a separate tap for instant hot water, suitable for various beverages.
User-Friendly Control: Features an LCD display and intuitive control panel for easy customization, descaling alerts, and production tracking.
Safety and Reliability: Built-in safety features, including a coffee-ready signal and descaling system, enhance user safety and extend machine life.
Complete Brewing Solution: Includes essential components - brewing column, VHG containers, filter units, base, and drip tray, offering a comprehensive solution.
High Capacity: With 1 brewing system and 2 containers of 10 liters each, it holds a significant amount of coffee, ensuring a constant supply.
Rapid Throughput: Capable of producing 60 liters of coffee per hour, meeting the demands of busy environments and large gatherings.
Space-Saving Design: Compact dimensions (989x570x840 mm) make it suitable for locations with limited space, providing efficiency without compromising performance.
Stable Water Supply: Compatible with 3/4 inch mains water supply, ensuring a stable water source for uninterrupted operation.

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