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TrueStart x Latitude Tents

TrueStart x Latitude Tents

You may have seen our epic truck, Sunny, out on the road, at a parkrun event or at a cold water swim.

If so, we're SURE you can't have missed the big roof tent on top.

Introducing Latitude Tents..

Just down the road from our garden HQ, this Frome-based company that elevates your camping experience; ready to take you on the best adventures on any car, at any time. 

We're all about making people feel amazing & diving into life and what better way to do that than to get out into nature!

Name a more iconic duo than coffee & camping..

How do they work? Check out our camping trip reel:

 Our favourite thing about them?

The Latitude Family. It's an awesome community of people who want to get out and about to explore our backyard!

Latitude runs epic road-trips with it's customers and we can't wait to get on one ourselves this summer 🏕

Charlie, the founder of Latitude Tents, has also done an awesome job with Latitude HQ. You can pop to the warehouse, check out the tents, have a chat and a TrueStart. 

They'll fit your tent onto your car for you and run you through how to do it yourself then send you on your way with local and far flung roadie recommendations!

So if you're looking to level up your exploring in time for spring then look no further than Latitude - the coffee's already on waiting for you.  

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