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Nominate Your Front Line Hero

Nominate Your Front Line Hero

We're very proud to be supporting our front line heroes in collaboration with the awesome Ben Smith of The 401 Challenge.

Ben is the guy that ran 401 marathons in 401 days to raise £250K and insane levels of awareness for anti-bullying. He inspired hundreds of thousands of people who ran with him, many of whom had never run before. He is a continual inspiration for kids across the country with his frank and open schools talks about his own experiences with bullying.

Now Ben wants to make it as easy as possible to stay physically fit and mentally healthy during this difficult time, so he has launched a virtual fitness challenge that EVEN YOUR GRANNY CAN DO!! We LOVE IT!! ⁣⁣ ⁣

You've got 18 months to virtually get as far around Ben's upcoming Official USA Challenge route (14,000 miles!) as possible, raising £1 Million while you're at it - for two amazing mental health and kids sports charities, The 401 Foundation and Youth Sport Trust.

Choose from 120 different indoor and outdoor activities, from walking to ⁣⁣running and even cleaning, gardening, ironing (who actually does that though) or KNITTING!! Whatever makes you happy 🌞⁣⁣⁣⁣

TrueStart are proud to be donating a personalised gift box for every sign up to Ben's virtual challenge. The box is stuffed full of our feel-good coffee and TREATS to be delivered directly to your nominated FrontLineHero, as a small thank you for being so selfless and brave. The plan is to put smiles on thousands of faces!⁣⁣

So, where do you sign up to the virtual challenge?

Right here! 👉

Thank you for supporting our front line heroes, looking after yourself AND helping Ben raise £1M for mental health and kids sports all in one go - you're a legend!

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