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Instant coffee makes a comeback - 6 ace drinks for when your fave coffee shop is closed

Instant coffee makes a comeback - 6 ace drinks for when your fave coffee shop is closed

Let's face it. Instant coffee is our saviour right now. It has a time and a place, and it turns out that time is pretty much ALL the time and that place is lockdown. As the Official Coffee of Working From Home, it's our pleasure to bring you 6 fancy drinks made with TrueStart Barista Grade Instant Coffee - the perfect excuse for a(nother) coffee break. Your tastebuds are going to need some preppin', believe us.


1 - The TrueStart Dalgona


This is a genuine lockdown gamechanger and has got to be first on the list. First, combine two tablespoons of TrueStart Barista Grade Instant Coffee, two tablespoons of granulated sugar, and two tablespoons of hot water in a small mixing bowl. Use a whisk (or fork) to beat the mixture until it gets really thick, and turns a golden-brown colour.

Next, pour the milk of your choice into a glass with a few ice cubes. Scoop the mixture out of the bowl and place it on top of the cold milk. And that's it! Very simple for something that both looks and tastes absolutely INSANE!

2 - Easy Iced Coffee

No faffing needed on this one. TrueStart Barista Grade Instant Coffee mixes really well with cold water as well as hot, so you can even make this Iced Coffee if you don't have any ice!

Get yourself a glass and bang some water in from the tap. Adding ice will make it super chilled for extra vibes. Add milk if you want, and get fancy with flavoured syrups.

3 - Sweet Vietnamese Latte

Apologies in advance for the addictive nature of this one, it's a super simple sweet treat and we're obsessed. 

It's as simple as this - make yourself a nice double-teaspooner TrueStart Barista Grade Instant Coffee.

Add the magic ingredient - sweetened condensed milk!! As much or as little as you want, have a play. It is amazing hot and also over ice on a hot day. It looks cool in a glass too. Thank me later!

4 - Magic Mocha (aka Nutella Latte)

This is the gateway drug to cake for breakfast. You have been warned. 

Plop a massive scoop of nutella into your mug.

Add 2 teaspoons of TrueStart Barista Grade Instant Coffee followed by hot water.

Whisk - a fork is fine if you don't have a whisk (why don't you have a whisk?) - until you're looking at the promised land of melted chocolatey coffee.

Add milk, hot milk if you're feeling extra fancy, drink and try not to cry with happiness. Oh, and there's nothing wrong with bringing squirty cream and mini mallows to the party here!

5 - Dirty Chai

There are two ways of doing this. One is to get yourself some black peppercorns, cardamom pods, star anise, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves and toast them in a pan, before adding them to a pan of milk with two teaspoons of TrueStart Barista Grade Instant Coffee to make a delicious warming spice concoction.

The other is to find yourself an awesome chai mix (we like the Drink Me Chai), add your TrueStart to it and enjoy in seconds!

6- Cheat's Cappuccino

Hankering after your daily cappuccino but don't have the froth skills? Don't worry.

Find yourself a cocktail shaker (or just anything with a lid, like a protein shaker), make yourself a TrueStart Barista Grade Instant Coffee, heat your milk on the hob and take it off the heat just when it starts to bubble. 

Pour your warm milk into your shaker (ideally so it is less than half full) and shake the hell out of it for about 30 seconds (obviously you might need gloves / oven gloves / a tea towel if your shaker is metal, we don't want you burning your hands!).

Now pour your milk into your coffee and spoon the froth on top. Bonus points for a sprinkling of cocoa, cinnamon or nutmeg on top!

Tag us @truestartcoffee in your pics and videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok - they always make our day! 

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  • These look amazing, I’ll have to update my shopping list.😊

    Lynda Chase

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