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It's True Monday!

It's True Monday!

It's that time of the year where the world tries to tell you it's a sucky time. The weather doesn't help. Nor does the news.

But we had a trick up our sleeves.. 

The 16th Jan is traditionally the saddest day of the year. Not this year.


Jog on Blue Monday - we're here to spread all the good vibes. 

We gave out sachets of our Barista Grade Instant Coffee at four Co-op's across Bristol to hundreds of customers.

It was awesome to be out & about spreading positive energy and meeting faces that already had our coffee stocked in their own cupboard!


We teamed up with our buddies at Queen Square Run Club to give out our delicious coffee at their 5.30pm Harbourside Run too. QSRC puts on a couple of different runs a week so if you're nearby then come & join us! Everyone's welcome 🚀

We are firm believers in the fact that getting out and about is fantastic for the old noggin' so watch this space for more and more runs with QSRC throughout the year!

We want to showcase that every day you can beat the blues by celebrating the small things and by spreading positive energy everywhere you go.

We know everyone isn't going to feel 100% all of the time but we will always aim to make you feel that little bit better every day through our delicious coffee and good vibes! 


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