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TrueStart Wrapped 2022

TrueStart Wrapped 2022

We all love Spotify wrapped but here's your coffee version.. 

2022 has been MEGA and it's all thanks to you team 💛

Check out the Instagram here..

- You dived boldly into the world of TrueStart in 2022..

- Your ethical coffee consumption added up to around 8 million cups of TrueStart this year. 

- Out of these there were 5 favourites which stood out to you all..

- Taking the #1 spot was the Barista Grade Instant Coffee.

- Following that was our Energising Colombian Fresh Coffee.

- Another fave was our Strong Coffee Bags.

- Keeping things cool at number four was the Salted Caramel Iced Coffee..

- Then rounding our top 5 off was our new 100g tin of the Barista Grade Decaf Instant Coffee! 

We got our coffee listed in 5 major retailers this year!  

- You can now find TrueStart in Co-op, Booths, Morrisons, Center Parcs and SPAR.

- As well as Wholefoods, Touts, H&B, Blue Diamond Garden Centres, local farm shops.. the list goes on! 

Check out where to find your nearest store to you here.. 

- We became Carbon Negative and with your help invested in four carbon avoidance and removal projects in our coffee producing nations. 

- We rebranded! How do you like our new look? 👀

- We visited 60 different events and tastings this year. 

- We donated coffee, cans and money to over 10 different local and national causes because of your support.

- We made 3 new products this year and you are going to LOVE what's coming next year.. 

- Whatever your coffee personality this year, there was a TrueStart for that 🚀

2022 has been a belter and seeing you love your TrueStart and how it makes you feel has been incredible!

Bring on 2023..

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