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5 Reasons Why You Want to Drink Specialty Grade Coffee

5 Reasons Why You Want to Drink Specialty Grade Coffee

You may have noticed that we talk about the "Specialty Coffee Association" in all our descriptions for our Beans & Ground range. 

But what is specialty grade coffee and why do you want to drink it?

What is specialty grade coffee?

Specialty-grade coffee is the highest quality coffee available and can only exist if everyone in the coffee supply chain from farmer down to the roaster is focused on quality.

Specialty grade coffee can technically only be "whole bean" coffee however regardless of what TrueStart product you buy, you can be sure it is made with specialty grade beans.

The coffee is grown in ideal conditions, ours in Huila in Colombia, with perfect weather and rich soil. Then it is carefully processed and sent to our roastery where the coffee is air-roasted to perfection. The result? Your delicious cup of TrueStart Coffee. 

Why should I drink it?

1. Taste

This is maybe the most obvious one, coffee that is of higher quality from bean to cup is naturally going to taste better. Think of it like your strawberries from your local farm shop versus supermarket bought ones.

2. Caffeine

The quality of the bean itself is better than other grades of coffee - meaning that it produces a more stable caffeine content, something we test for independently too!

3. Health

Coffee is naturally super rich in antioxidants - see Helena's blog on that here! Although it's not something that the SCA grades you on, there have been studies to show that the antioxidant content in specialty grade coffee is far superior to non-specialty coffee.

4. Ethics

Specialty coffee itself is harvested only when it's perfect, not just when it "has to be" to fill demand for mass consumption and it is traceable whereas commodity grade coffee is not. Furthermore, it gives the farmers better options for their profit as they are connecting with like-minded coffee buyers / brands who are willing to pay more for a better product.

5. Variety

The best part? Every coffee growing country produces it's own signature flavour and we offer varieties of specialty grade coffee from the three of top five producing countries; Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam.

There's more..

On top of that, we independently lab test all of our coffee to check it's free from mould (mycotoxins) and other nasties and rich in coffee's natural antioxidants. TrueStart has more antioxidants in a cup than in a cup of green tea - mindblown.



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