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Installation Requirements: Esprecious FreshMilk

Instructions for the customer:

This document has been produced to ensure your installation is completed successfully. All installations are unique and the checklist and terms below are guidelines, all lists are not exhaustive. If you have any uncertainty please contact us and we will help you.

We reserve the right to update, amend and re-issue this document at any time.

To enable a smooth and simple installation of your Bravilor Esprecious Fresh Milk please ensure you have the following prepared before the engineers booked visit:

  • Ensure the electrical supply is situated within 1 meter of the machines proposed location.
  • Ensure the power supply is correct for the ordered machines 2 x 230V 13amp.
  • The machine will come with moulded 13 amp plugs. If you require alternative plugs please provide these to the engineer at your cost.
  • The water supply must be cold potable (drinking) water terminating in a shut off valve with a male 3/4” connection. This must be within 1 meter of the machines proposed location.
  • The water pressure must be between 2 - 10 bar.
    NOTE: Water pressure must be measured as standing pressure AFTER any fitted water filtration.
  • This machines requires a waste connection which will need to be situated below the level of the machine.
  • The counter must be suitable for the machine; holes required to access the services must be drilled prior to the engineers arrival.
  • The machine must be immediately available to the engineer within a reasonable distance of the proposed install site.
  • Ingredients for the machine must be available.
  • Cups or serving containers must be available to the engineer for the machine set up.

Dimensions for the coffee machine
Dimensions for the milk module

Our engineers will make every effort to ensure the machine is installed with the minimum level of disruption and your nominated employees are fully trained in how to operate and maintain the coffee machine to the manufacturer specifications.

Please note: If any of the above items are not present or completed then the engineer may abort the installation incurring costs to you. These costs will become payable before an additional visit is possible.

What the engineer will do:

  • Upon arrival the fully trained engineer will complete the following;
  • Unpack the machine and inspect for transit damage.
  • Install the machine in the proposed location.
  • Connect the power and water supply to the machine.
  • Connect a water filtration system if ordered.
  • Commission the machine and complete a function test ensuring full operation.
  • Set the machine up to a standard recipe if no pre set recipe has been specified in advance.
  • Make adjustments to beverages taste and size (based on the person on site presented as the management representative).
  • Train staff on machine maintenance, cleaning and operation.
  • Leave the area tidy with the packaging flat packed for disposal by the site.

What is not permitted:

We strictly prohibit our service agents to change the machines power cord, connect machines to services over 1 meter away or modify the machines design manufactured operation or purpose.

Our engineers may not drill countertops, modify site utilities or break local or national regulations or laws.

Waiting times and limitations:

  • Engineers will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes after arrival before aborting a visit.
  • An installation may be aborted if on site staff, contractors or resources are not available within 15 minutes.
  • Engineers cannot remove items from site including old machines or packaging.

Ingredients you need:

You will need the following ingredients on site, available to the engineer during installation.


Coffee beans
(Whole, roasted)

Fresh Milk   Hot Chocolate* Soluble Milk** Other soluble
(i.e. chai)
Esprecious 11L Yes - Yes - -
Esprecious 21L Yes - Yes Option *** Option ***
Esprecious FreshMilk - Yes - - -

NOTE: The Esprecious is made up of the Esprecious 11L and FreshMilk unit or the Esprecious 21L and FreshMilk unit.

* Hot chocolate must be for vending machine use (contains a flowing agent). This is not the product found in supermarkets.
** Soluble milk or cappuccino topping can be used and must be for vending machine use (contains a flowing agent). This is not the product found in supermarkets.
*** Option - you make this decision based on your requirement.