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How do I recycle my packaging?

How do I recycle my packaging?

We’ve told you about our B Corp status and our Carbon Negative status but we haven’t let you in on one of the main ways we achieved those… our recyclability! 

You may have noticed in our Carbon Negative blog that 92.6% of our range is recyclable but what makes up the 92.6%? How come it’s not 100%? 

This blog aims to answer those questions by examining our whole range product by product so you can easily see how to dispose of your favourite coffee when you’re done. 

We want to make it easy for you to put your TrueStart packaging straight back into the system because it has a positive ripple effect throughout the supply chain

So let's dive in.. 💦

Barista Grade 100g Instant Coffee

100% Recyclable and looking 100% better... our new packaging for our Instant Coffee looks good on the shelf and good in the recycling bin. 

Barista Grade 500g Instant Coffee Tub

We're super happy to announce that since we launched the new packaging for these big boys in October they too are 100% recyclable! Using them in the office? Put them in the green bin from now on!   


Cold Brew Coffees

Always have been and always will be 100% recyclable. Aluminium requires 95% less energy recycle rather than produce it raw so don't want these in the bin that would be a waste!

Coffee Bags

We love this one. We worked super hard to find materials for this product that were as green as possible after seeing that other coffee bags on the market at the time weren't as environmentally friendly!

The outer box goes in with your card.

The bag itself goes in your food waste or straight out to your compost.

The plastic film is recycled at all large supermarkets and in some parts of the UK, is collected curbside - check your council! 

Ground Coffee / Coffee Beans 

Here's one of the ones we're working on, we're currently in the process of swapping these bags out for fully recyclable ones.

Why didn't we do it before? At the time of launching this product, there was no recyclable option on the market. Recently, a recyclable film has become available and now that our volume has increased we can buy into that system. 

The new ones are on their way by the end of the year and they will have our updated branding on too... double whammy! 


Instant Coffee Sachets

This is something we're working on and if you're reading this and you think... hmm.. I know someone who makes these then please let us know!

In the meantime though we are unaware of any material that exists on our planet which can keep our coffee delicious, fresh & dry whilst also going in the recycling. 

What's the plan?

Once our fresh coffee range has gone recyclable then our whole range by weight will be 98% recyclable which is awesome. This is due to be completed by the end of 2023!

However it's not 100%, so until we hit the hundred we will not stop searching for solutions.  

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