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Around the World in a Coffee Cup: Taste the Globe with TrueStart

Around the World in a Coffee Cup: Taste the Globe with TrueStart

Grab your passports, coffee lovers! We're going on a whirlwind, tongue-tingling adventure to explore the quirkiest coffee cultures across the world – all from the comfort of your kitchen with a TrueStart brew in hand!

1. Colombia: The Smooooth Operator

How could we start anywhere else? Let's groove over to Colombia, a country known for producing some of the smoothest coffee in the world. Coffee here is typically enjoyed as 'tinto' – a small, black coffee served throughout the day. This no-frills approach allows the quality of the beans to shine through. We're always banging on about how incredible TrueStart tastes black, so if you usually add milk or sugar, try serving TrueStart black and take a moment to appreciate the stunningly smooth, energising taste - whether it's fresh or made in an instant!

2. Italy: Love at First Sip

Blink and you'll miss it! Italians shoot back their espresso like they're late for a Vespa ride across Rome. Served up in a teeny-tiny cup, this concentrated delight packs a punch. Who needs sleep anyway, right? Try this at home with TrueStart coffee - just remember to savour the flavour, even if you gulp it down!

3. Sweden: Coffee, Cake and Chit-Chat

Swedes take their coffee breaks so seriously; they even have a special word for it - "fika". It's all about hanging out with friends, munching on scrumptious pastries, and gulping down gallons of coffee. So, brew a pot of TrueStart, text your pals, and embrace the cosy comfort of a Swedish coffee break.

4. Ethiopia: Where Coffee is a Social Event

Buckle up for a trip to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Here, coffee making is a ceremonial event and a chance to bond with the community. Try and replicate this at home by inviting friends over for a coffee date with TrueStart's Lively Ethiopian, and appreciate the shared joy of a good brew.

5. Vietnam: Like Dessert in a Cup

Say "Xin Chào" to Vietnam, where coffee often gets confused with dessert. Here, a generous dollop of sweetened condensed milk is added to strong coffee, creating a divine combo that'll make your taste buds dance. Add a little condensed milk to your TrueStart and enjoy this sweet treat.

6. Turkey: The Mystic's Brew

In Turkey, coffee isn't just a beverage; it's a fortune teller. After downing a cup of thick, strong coffee, the grounds left behind are used to predict the future. Not sure about future-telling, but your future certainly holds a robust cup of TrueStart.

7. Brazil: The Coffee-Champion's Classic

Did someone say, "samba and coffee?" Welcome to Brazil, the world's largest coffee producer! Here, coffee is often enjoyed simply, as a strong brew paired with a slice of cake or a piece of bread for an afternoon snack, known as "cafezinho". This small, potent cup of coffee is served throughout the day, an indispensable part of Brazilian hospitality. So, pull out your brightest outfit, put on some samba beats, and brew a cup of TrueStart's Bright-Eyed Brazilian. It's time to party, Brazilian style!

Whether you're shaking to the samba or quietly contemplating over a Swedish fika, the world of coffee is delightfully diverse. So, as you relish your TrueStart, take a moment to appreciate the global tapestry of coffee lovers, each adding their splash of uniqueness to this loved beverage. Bon voyage on your coffee-fuelled adventure!

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