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Limited Edition: Beth Bee x TrueStart Camping Mug

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We've teamed up with local illustrator, Beth Bee, to craft some very special Limited Edition kit and this Camping Mug is one of them.

Beth has told a story through this design, all about diving into life and how TrueStart makes you feel out of this world - we hope you love it as much as we do and can't wait to see your steaming mug of TrueStart out & about. 

This mug thrives on adventures but shies away from dishwashers; so hand wash it with care. 

These Limited Edition pieces aim to shine a light on local artists and creatives and we're buzzing that Beth created the first of many collections to come.

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Positive energy is contagious

To make your mark, you need to feel great.

We firmly believe in putting massive positive energy out into the world, because we’ve seen the genuine, meaningful impact it has on your day. It unlocks your brain, your creativity, your true self. Everyone has something uniquely awesome to bring to the party, and TrueStart exists to help unlock that incredible collective potential.

Helena & Simon