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Milfresh Gold Granulated Milk

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Milfresh Gold Superior Granulated Skimmed Milk 10 x 500g, re-sealable pouches. Pure SKIMMED MILK granules. Milfresh is the perfect granulated milk powder for enjoying at home or using in coffee machines.

CREAMY and NATURAL flavour, tastes as good as FRESH. Ideal for creating coffee shop classic drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

No added sugar, colours, preservatives or flavours.

Milfresh Gold skimmed milk is flexible and can be used in automatic coffee machines or as a replacement for fresh milk to enjoy at home. To make 1 litre of milk: 1. Add 930ml of water to 100g of Milfresh. 2. Stir the milk granules into the water thoroughly until fully dissolved. 3. Refrigerate the milk until ice cold. 4. Consume within 24 hours.

Add straight to tea or coffee BUT must NOT have boiling water poured over, this will effect the product. Give your tea or coffee a minute to cool down if adding a spoonful of Milfresh directly to your drink. Milfresh works best up to temperatures of 90 degrees centigrade.

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