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Bravilor FreshGround XL 510


Capacity: 140 cups per hour

Dimensions: 477x505x901 mm

Manufacturers Warranty: 12 Months

Lease Available From: £28.23 per week (Subject to credit approval). Get in touch to speak to an expert & get a bespoke quote.

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Versatile Beverage Selection: FreshGround XL 510 offers black coffee, strong black, cappuccino, hot chocolate, white coffee, moccachino, espreschoc, and hot water, with options to add milk and/or sugar.
Multiple Canisters: Equipped with 5 canisters - 1x2.8 kg for fresh brew, 4x1.3 litres for instant ingredients, ensuring a continuous supply of diverse beverages.
Efficient Throughput: Produces 17.5 litres (140 cups) of fresh brew and 30 litres (240 cups) of instant beverages per hour, catering to high demand.
Quick Brewing: Fresh brew dispensed in 23 seconds per cup, and instant beverages served in just 11 seconds, ensuring rapid service.
User-Friendly Features: Includes separate hot water tap, plastic drip-tray, automatic descaling indicator, and rinsing program for hassle-free maintenance.
Customization Options: Special buttons for adding milk and/or sugar to coffee, allowing tailored beverage preferences.
Variable Tap Heights: Cup tap at 123 mm and decanter tap at 179 mm cater to different serving needs.
Reliable Water Supply: Connects easily to a 3/4-inch mains water supply, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
Minimum Water Pressure: Operates with a minimum water pressure of 1 bar, guaranteeing consistent performance.

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