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What is TrueStart?

TrueStart is a healthy energy boost for your mind and body. It combines the optimum level of clean, natural caffeine, the benefits of great coffee and an awesome distinctively strong yet smooth flavour.

When should I have my TrueStart?

Whenever you need a healthy energy boost for your mind and body. TrueStart makes you feel great before a run, on a ride, at the gym or on the move.

How should I take my TrueStart?

We recommend TrueStart black – no sugar and no nonsense. It’s delicious, so you don’t need to add anything. It works with hot or cold water too.

How much caffeine is in my TrueStart?

95mg. That is TrueStart's magic number because it’s a manageable level of caffeine – you’ll get 95mg natural caffeine is in each 2g serving (whether it's a scoop or a sachet). Scoops are included in each 80g pouch.

What does caffeine do?

Caffeine improves your mental and physical performance by sharpening your focus, increasing your physical endurance and reducing your rate of perceived exertion.

A lesser known fact is how caffeine can also help with muscle recovery; by increasing the rate at which your body replenishes muscle glycogen. This means your muscles recover faster, so ideal if you're training day after day. 

What happens if I have too little caffeine?

Caffeine might be awesome, but if you have too little then it doesn’t have any benefit – you won’t feel any boost.

What happens if I have too much caffeine?

Caffeine might be awesome, but too much of a good thing causes adverse side effects that we’re all familiar with such as crashes, jitters or headaches.

How much caffeine should I have?

Everyone is different, so work out what works for you then stick to it. Some people have a high tolerance, others have a low tolerance.

TrueStart is a reliably caffeinated coffee that allows you to boost your body and mind by taking control of your caffeine intake.

The EFSA recommend a maximum daily allowance of 400mg (200mg for pregnant or breastfeeding women). For sports performance, 2-3mg per kilogram of body weight is most widely accepted optimal level, according to a number of research papers. 

Will caffeine dehydrate me?

Not in moderation.

If you’re enjoying a few cups of coffee or tea a day, then you can rest assured a moderate amount of caffeine doesn't cause you to lose more fluid than you ingest, says Lisa Renn, accredited practising dietitian and spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia. "There is evidence that caffeine in higher amounts acts as a diuretic in some people, but moderate intake is actually not that significant," Renn says.

Conclusion: be sensible, moderate your caffeine intake and enjoy your mind and body boost. With TrueStart you can guarantee a caffeine boost whilst making sure you don’t overdose.

Caffeine makes me need the toilet – is that ok?

Yes. Caffeine can act as a laxative and increase muscle contractions that propel food through the digestive system. The effects can kick in quickly and for this reason, some people drink coffee in the morning to assist with bowel regulation.

Whilst most athletes welcome their pre- training or pre-race toilet trip, excessive caffeine consumption of any kind may lead to diarrhoea so don't go over the top. As always, be sensible and remember electrolyte-rich drinks will help replenish anything you may lose during this trip.

How does TrueStart control the caffeine level in coffee?

We've developed the world's first natural caffeine control technology. TrueStart is the only coffee in the world that can do it - so the details are kept under wraps (to avoid copycats!). The important thing to know is that we use nothing but water and pressure. There are no synthetics, solvents or additives - just clean, freeze dried Colombian Arabica coffee with a reliable caffeine boost!

Why is TrueStart instant coffee?

For convenience. TrueStart is designed to be a quick, convenient healthy energy boost for when you tend to have less time on your hands. It even works with hot or cold water.

If you’re the type of person who likes to take some time preparing a fresh coffee, we’re not out to replace that habit.

It’s worth mentioning that TrueStart will change the way you view instant coffee, which usually gets a bad reputation for two reasons:

  1. The poor quality of the beans.

  2. The taste-destroying manufacturing processes such as spray-drying or washing the beans using synthetics. 

TrueStart is different. Our beans are single source and 100% Colombian Arabica, handpicked by farmers who are respected and motivated to bring you the best. Colombian coffee is recognised for being mild and clean with relatively high acidity, a balanced body, pronounced aroma and exceptional taste profile. TrueStart is freeze-dried to lock in the flavour, not spray-dried. We use no synthetics in our manufacturing process and our high standards of quality control make TrueStart a unique, clean coffee which tastes delicious and won't leave you feeling groggy.

Is TrueStart just coffee?

Yes. Pure Colombian Arabica, freeze-dried for convenience. 100% natural. The big difference to other coffee is the optimum caffeine content.

Does TrueStart contain any additives or synthetics?


I have food allergies, can I drink TrueStart?

Yes. TrueStart is produced and manufactured in a nut and sesame seed free environment. It's also gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Is TrueStart organic?

No. Coffee is an agricultural product that requires pesticides and fertilisers. Organic coffee still uses fertilisers and pesticides, but natural ones rather than man-made.

There are 3 main reasons TrueStart has chosen to avoid the high premium of organic coffee:

  1. TrueStart Coffee beans are grown with pesticides and fertilisers that are approved by the Colombian Government. Colombian coffee is heavily regulated as it is exported all over the world and most of it goes to the US, Germany and Japan, where the regulations regarding pesticides and fertilisers are very strict. Some argue that heavily regulated man-made fertilisers are preferable to natural fertilisers which are subject to less regulation, because chemicals are still chemicals (even when they're natural).

  2. Organic regulations often affect farmer welfare because they can't sell organic coffee at a high enough price to account for the major reduction in yield. This can be devastating for smaller farmers which make up the majority in Colombia.

  3. To ensure an additional layer of quality control, we send our samples to an independent U.S. lab which analyses the components of pesticides and fertilisers used (see below).

How is TrueStart ethically sourced?

Our Co-Founder Helena used to live in Colombia and is passionate about farmer welfare - as well as being a little bit biased in believing that Colombia produces the best coffee in the world! You can read more about our ethics and quality here.

Are TrueStart measuring scoops recyclable?

Yes. They are made from Polypropylene (PP) which is commonly recycled.

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