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Which food trends are here to stay?


There's always something new in foodville - whether it's a spirulina latte or yet another coconut on the loose. But what actually influences these food trends, and which are here to stay?

TrueStart Co-Founder & CEO Helena has her own take on the driving force behind today's food trends. We'll let her tell you more...


We are becoming super aware of everything that passes our lips. Counting calories, fat, carbs, proteins and yes, caffeine, is pretty much the norm nowadays. However, 'diet' is becoming a dirty word and we're all looking for an improved lifestyle rather than a short-term fix. So what makes the cut?


From watching and listening to our customers as well as really keeping my eye on emerging brands, it really looks like our consumption is becoming more and more polarised. We are better at educating ourselves, and at one end of the spectrum you've got functional food, which aims to improve your overall health or lifestyle in some way. At the other end of the scale, you've got indulgent food, which serves as pure pleasure. Most of us eat and drink at both ends of this spectrum, just at different times. Everything in between is becoming less interesting, if the product doesn't serve a purpose or provide pleasure then what does it do - nothing? There's little room for fluff these days, unless it's gourmet marshmallow fluff of course.


There's one important caveat - regardless of which end of the spectrum we're at in any given moment, we demand the same three things.

First - an awesome experience. This could be anything from brand interaction to entertaining packaging to a completely new ingredient, we want our consumption to give us an experience.

Second - a story to tell and trust. Provenance is important, we want to be sure that our food and drink choices are reliable and transparent. After years of huge brands pulling the wool over our eyes, we are caring more and more about the quality of our ingredients and where they come from.

Third - convenience. We are on the go and busier than ever, so it goes without saying that our food and drink needs to fit in with our ever more efficient lifestyles. We don't want to sacrifice quality, but we have no patience for troublesome packaging or poor shopping experiences. Not only does the product need to be easy to consume, it needs to be easy to get hold of as well. Cost matters less, time matters more.


I really believe in this concept of polarised consumption. The more I study people, the more I see it. It simply means that brands need to ensure their products are unique (experience), authentic (provenance) and convenient to buy and consume. Consumers are prepared to pay for the perfect products that care about their lifestyles, and no one has time for a product that has been produced to make a quick buck - we're can see straight through them.

As a consumer, follow your gut. Trust brands that are not faceless, and enjoy engaging with them. You're the reason they care so much.

What do you think of Helena's view on food trends? Do you agree? Comment below, we love a healthy debate!

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