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What is performance coffee?

It's simple. Performance Coffee makes you feel brilliant with no crash, because it has the optimum, regulated level of caffeine in every serving. The caffeine level in regular coffee varies from 20mg to over 400mg per cup (yes, you read that right!), even if you stick to the same brand. With TrueStart, you get a consistent, manageable 95mg every time.

We use premium quality Colombian Arabica beans to make super clean, super convenient instant coffee that works with hot or cold water.  

  • Makes you feel great every time
  • Awesome Colombian arabica coffee
  • Completely natural with no synthetics
  • Works with hot or cold water
Husband and wife team Simon and Helena Hills came up with the idea for a reliable, perfectly caffeinated coffee during IronMan training, when their pre-training coffee was making them wired one day but nothing the next. They found out about the large variation of caffeine in all other coffee and decided to do something about it.

    TrueStart Coffee was born in May 2015. We're a British startup that is on a mission to #UPYOURGAME in sport and life.

    Our vision is to continually innovate TrueStart's range of naturally functional energy products that leverage the power of TrueStart Performance Coffee, and connect a global community of like-minded, determined individuals to share it with.

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