We're looking for a Wild for Life intern (part time)!

Position: Sales & Marketing Intern, London

Location: London (field based) with head office in Bristol city centre

Reporting into: Sales Manager, Bristol 

This is a paid part-time role and absolutely IDEAL for a student!


Tell me more... who are TrueStart?

TrueStart Coffee is a wild for life Bristol brand and one of the fastest growing young drinks brands in the UK.

We make people feel wild for life without compromising on ethics, people or the planet. TrueStart is a reflection of Simon (my husband and co-founder) and I’s attitude to life - it's as vibrant and full of personality as our coffee! We’re proudly independent and packed with good vibes.

People put better vibes out into the world when they feel wild for life, so we naturally energise our tribe to dive in to life, take the path less travelled and make a splash.

What is TrueStart?

No sugar, no calories, YES flavour!

TrueStart Coffee has a range of epic drinks - the only flavoured Cold Brew Coffees in the world with no sugar, no sweeteners, no calories and nothing artificial. They are also vegan and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Smoother than a jazz festival and more refreshing than an ice bath in your birthday suit, our Cold Brew Coffees are slowly brewed overnight to craft a light, super refreshing drink that is bursting with flavour.

There are 3 vibrant flavours: Vanilla Coconut 🥥 Chilli Chocolate 🌶 and Original Black 🥃

The range launched in 2018 and is now available all over the UK and as afield as Taiwan! We’ve just launched in cans - keep your eyes peeled for these popping up in hundreds of awesome shops, forecourts, cafes and bars!

What’s the opportunity?

We’re looking for a vibrant, bright person with loads of energy, who loves meeting new people, isn’t afraid to stand out and is pumped to spread the word about TrueStart in the big smoke (aka London).

This is an amazing opportunity to be part of a vibrant, small team at a really exciting time for a young brand that is challenging some of the largest drinks companies in the world and upgrading what people drink.

You’ll get on the ground sales and marketing experience at a level that just isn’t possible in huge corporations, and you’ll connect with awesome people and have plenty of fun along the way.

You will be responsible for:

  • Visiting our customers - making sure staff know and love TrueStart, and that our drinks look awesome (in as many places as possible, as bright and as visible as possible).
  • Winning new customers - getting out there and making TrueStart available in the fridges of ace new shops, cafes and bars.
  • Popping up our Cold Brew Coffee Bar for in-store sampling and at awesome events (including larger festivals etc with the rest of the team).
  • Taking pics and video clips of what you’re up to, to help spread the word on TrueStart’s social media channels.
  • Always being Wild for Life and making as many people as possible feel the same!

So, what’s next?

We're looking for the perfect person to join us NOW. If you are already buzzing with excitement then we want to hear from you...

Email divein@truestartcoffee.com and make yourself stand out!

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