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TrueStart Hot Brew is Hotting Up

It's been a really exciting, whirlwind few months at TrueStart HQ, bringing our shiny new Cold Brew Coffee cans into the world. Simon has been hard at work building a brand new supply chain and fully understanding completely new packaging, whilst making sure that all our fab customers have the stock they need. Anyone who has brought new products to market will understand how hard this process is.

What's particularly impressive is that Simon has also undertaken a massive second project at the same time - completely revamping and upgrading our Hot Brew Coffee, with changes that we've thought long and hard about. I'm super excited to share with you...

Upgraded Beans

TrueStart's original roots are in Colombia, a country close to our Founder Helena's heart (she used to live there!) and our Classic Roast blend is regional, from the Cauca Department. Our 100% Arabica beans are super clean and make you feel wild for life, with no crash or jitters, and our Classic Roast has been upgraded to a very special Colombian Excelso EP medium roast with a rich, complex flavour.

TrueStart Coffee beans are Specialty grade, which means they are certified to be of a very high grade with a more balanced cup than commodity, or "regular" coffee.

💦 Process: Washed & Hand Sorted

🌈 Varietals: Colombia, F6, Castillo, Caturra, Typica & Tabí

🥃 Tasting notes: A classic Colombian with citrus and caramel notes, and a clean and sweet aftertaste.

This new roast was introduced in the TrueStart Coffee Shop first, here in Bristol city centre. It went down an absolute storm from the very first cup and we just knew we had to bring these beans to you guys as soon as possible. They're truly amazing and I'm so excited for you to taste them! We are also working on an incredible Superior Roast, which will be launching on the website very soon!

Locally Roasted & Freshly Ground Coffee

By popular demand, we've introduced freshly ground coffee to our range. Our coffee is now all roasted and ground every day right here in Bristol, so you can now enjoy our specialty coffee even if you don't have a grinder at home.

Sustainable Packaging

Wow, this is a tough topic. And one that keeps Simon and I up at night.

Here’s the situation: recently there has been a massive change in consumer opinions on packaging. This is awesome, I am personally a very conscious shopper and genuinely try to make the best decisions I can. I’m also a realist, and understand that makes good choices needs to be both convenient and relatively inexpensive, otherwise the masses simply won’t make them. The reality is, that the packaging industry is not in the same place as consumer demand.

We don’t need a handful of people doing sustainability perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly, always looking at sustainable improvements to their daily habits.

We want to make it easy for you to reduce your impact on the planet, and have spent an unreal amount of time learning about the packaging options for coffee. The tricky bit is that coffee beans need to be sealed in airtight bags that light cannot penetrate (that’s why glass doesn’t work). These bags must have a, outer layer, barrier layer and a heat seal layer to protect the coffee, as well as glue to hold it together. Traditional coffee bags are made from layers that are largely not recyclable, and certainly not recyclable when stuck together.

There are many, many packaging companies trying to nail this issue, and there are no perfect solutions (yet). All have pros and cons.

Simon and I feel a responsibility to educate ourselves, thoroughly assess the options available and make the choice that we believe in our heart of hearts, is the best on balance. The choice that makes it easiest to sleep at night!

After much research, we’ve chosen to use the True Bio Bag, which is made from completely compostable and biodegradable under EU EN13432 standards, which is the strictest standard in existence. The glue used is a German-made water-based adhesive and the freshness valve is also compostable bio-plastic.

These bags are double the price of a non-eco bag, but that's the cost of doing ethical business. I think it’s important to remember that there is almost always a cost associated with making the “right” decision, and people aren’t always able to pay it.

You have our word that Simon and I will continue to assess the best packaging options available. Click here to read more about our Bio Bags.

You also may have noticed that our Nespresso compatible eco-pods have disappeared from our site. This is because we are doing some work behind the scenes to make them better than ever, so that those of you with Nespresso machines can continue to enjoy our wildly awesome coffee in a way that is more sustainable for the planet.

Saying goodbye to an old friend

After a LOT of thinking and talking to customers, we've made the difficult decision to discontinue our first ever product - our Premium Instant Coffee.

How we choose to drink coffee is changing fast. Instant coffee has been in decline for a while now and when TrueStart first started, we decided to make life difficult for ourselves by launching our unique Premium Instant Coffee into a declining market. I'm proud to say that we won over thousands of people who understood that not all instant coffee is made equal.

I have felt quite worried about announcing this news, because there are so many incredible TrueStarters out there that love our instant coffee. But bear with me...

We've set out to be the #1 coffee brand for our generation and since we launched our Cold Brew Coffee last summer, Simon and I have noticed a big change in our own coffee consumption habits, as well as those of our customers. Now I drink Cold Brew most of the time - it makes me feel awesome and is fundamentally more convenient, more delicious and more interesting than instant coffee, even ours! Yes it's cold, it's a coffee-come-soft-drink really. No sugar. No calories. YES flavour!

So, what about hot coffee? I've had a breakthrough here too. I have to be honest and say I've never been a fan of cafetières, which made it difficult to make a fresh coffee in a convenient way at home. Recently I bought my first V60 (metal, with no paper filters) for about a tenner and haven't looked back. It makes a flavoursome, fresh TrueStart Coffee nice and quickly. I also love moka pots which make an unbeatable, easy peasy home espresso. And of course, I enjoy coffee from coffee shops too - and more and more cafes are now serving TrueStart as their coffee of choice.

The bottom line is, I never drink instant coffee any more. Not even ours. These changes are the same for so many other people. They are becoming the norm, and whilst our Premium Instant will always have a place in Simon and I's heart, it's important that we recognise what people want and look to the future.

Seeing TrueStart put smiles on peoples faces everyday puts fire in our bellies and I have never been more excited about the future for our tribe of wild for life people making their impact in this world. I hope with all my heart that our long-term Premium Instant fans try our new Hot Brew and Cold Brew Coffee! I promise they are even better.Here is a link to the V60 I have myself, or click here if you would prefer to treat yourself to a moka pot. They are both so easy to use, you won't look back!

Note: You can still purchase TrueStart Premium Instant Coffee from Wiggle (click here), while stocks last.

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  • I’m gutted. I don’t have time to brew coffee before I go to work so the instant gives me my first coffee. I also use it at work where I also have no time to brew coffee. I use the beans when I have time to brew. Are you phasing out the nespresso also? I may have to buy a machine.

    Lynda Chase

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