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Welcome to a world where normal is boring.

That's our world. Simon and I started TrueStart to prove a point; that you can take the path less travelled and build an awesome brand that makes people feel wild for life, without compromising on ethics. People and the planet matter to us, we really do listen to you, our customers, who have been a massive part of TrueStart since day one. 

Sugary, milky, rubbish quality, boring products by huge dinosaur brands dominate the coffee industry. These brands do not resonate with the younger generations at all, they're worlds apart in terms of ethics and attitude to life. At the other end of the market you've got countless dull, hipster brands that are all pretty much the same as each other. And don't get us started on the damage caused by the energy drinks industry... cold brew coffee is here to whip that into shape.

We're a Bristol-based startup that one of the fastest growing young drinks brands in the UK. TrueStart is colourful, vibrant and absolutely Wild for Life for a reason - we're bringing a festival mindset to the every day!

Our journey started in 2015 when we were triathlon training, and searching for a coffee that gave us a boost without sending our hearts racing. After discovering that the caffeine in coffee is both varied and unpredictable, we developed the first coffee in the world to provide a boost with no crash thanks to a stable caffeine content. TrueStart's coffee is super clean and sourced from where I used to live in South America.

TrueStart quickly established itself as an exciting, respected brand within the fitness industry, winning a host of impressive awards, retailing in over 1000 UK outlets and exporting to several international markets.

However, there has always been more to us, and to TrueStart, than just fitness. We stopped drinking alcohol in May 2017 and saw a gap for a cool adult soft drink in bars and at festivals. TrueStart Nitro Coffee was born, followed by our range of innovative bottled Cold Brew Coffees that truly reflect our "dive in" life philosophy.

All this while we had our first baby, Leo, who was just 3 weeks old when the new products and brand refresh went live in June 2018. We're changing nappies one minute and talking to suppliers the next, usually while cracking open a cold brew to keep us going! We don't do things by halves but we thrive on diving into the unknown. Life shouldn't be predictable, because normal is boring!

TrueStart provides energy for all of life’s experiences – from the everyday to the extraordinary. It is all about encouraging people to embrace their wild side and to dive in to new adventures. To encourage people to own the unknown, be their boldest selves, and go Wild for Life.

Helena and Simon x

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