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6 Ways to simplify your sports nutrition


I've lost count of how many people on a daily basis tell that me they find sports nutrition completely baffling. I don't blame them, there's way too much information out there and who has time to read all that and make decisions they believe in? We believe in keeping sports nutrition as simple and natural as possible. Here's a really straight forward guide to getting it right.


Sounds obvious, doesn't it? It's so easily forgotten! Feeling healthy and able to train effectively is 80% what you eat. Nutrients matter more than counting calories and please avoid jumping on the latest diet bandwagon! You seriously cannot make a more impactful change than eating clean, sticking to wholefoods and avoiding processed food as often as you can. 


Good advice from Training Peaks is to "fuel up immediately upon awakening and then every 2.5-3.5 hours thereafter". Keeping to a simple, regular timetable helps your body to stabilise blood sugar, insulin and serotonin levels and the result is high, stable energy levels throughout the day as well as vastly reduces food cravings.


The proper balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat at every meal will help to properly load and reload muscle glycogen stores. A straight forward rule is to aim for 50% calories from carbs, 25% from protein and 25% from good fats. 


In reality, you need fat for optimum health. There are good fats, and there are bad fats. We all have different requirements where quantity is concerned, but the trick is to make sure your fat intake is top quality. Meat and dairy products are always best bought local where you can, most supermarket meat is the product of large-scale animal feed operations where the priority is to promote growth with unnatural food. This results in an imbalance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids which gets passed along to us. For the same reasons, wild-caught fish is preferable to farmed. Snack on raw nuts and seeds and use cold-pressed oils such as coconut or olive for cooking, avoiding highly processed yellow vegetable or canola oils.


Caffeine gives you an awesome performance boost, fact. We prefer to keep it natural and avoid synthetic options like pre workout or energy drinks, most of which come with other ingredients you may not need or want, like taurine and sugar. Coffee is perfect - but be aware that the key performance element, caffeine, is completely unpredictable. TrueStart Coffee is the only coffee in the world redesigned for sport, and perfectly caffeinated to give you an energy boost with no crash. It's completely natural with no synthetics, and mixes with hot or cold water with no faff. 


The oldest trick in the book - look at the colour of your urine and actually take action when it's too yellow. Hydration is critical, your muscles were designed to be bathed in water. You'll notice the difference in both training and racing. If you're like me and find it difficult to drink enough water (I just forget!), get yourself a 750-1000ml bottle and make sure you drink it empty 2-3 times per day. Force yourself and it'll soon become habit.

Do you have any top tips for keeping sports nutrition simple? Share in the comments!

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