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6 Ways to improve your endurance


TrueStart Coffee was born out of endurance training. If you're planning on challenging your distances and tackling some longer races, here are some simple ways to improve stamina and endurance.


This applies to you regardless of your distance. Build up slowly, be patient and consistent. The gradual-adaption principle has its roots deep in human physchology and has done for years - runners have consistently achieved incredible breakthroughs using the method. Try adding a mile a week to your long runs.


A good training plan will require you to train at different levels of difficulty on different days. As counterintuitive as it sounds, pushing your limits every day is only going to damage your performance. Go easy on easy days, go hard on hard days and when your plan says rest, then rest!


Have I ever written a blog that doesn't mention hydration? I doubt it! Under-hydrated muscle tissue will under-perform. Even on rest days, make sure you keep your urine straw-coloured! Take fluids with you on longers runs, don't wait until you're thirsty. I highly recommend taking high quality electrolytes too, particularly if you're pushing yourself hard. You need to replace the nutrients that are lost when you sweat My favourite is Precision Hydration, because their products are customised depending on how much you sweat. Take their free online sweat test to find out more.


It's easy to stick to your comfort zone, but it's important to work on your weaknesses as well. if you love going for long, steady runs, get a speed session in too! If your regular run is flat as a pancake, find a hill and do some reps. Your PB will come quicker if you work on what you find most challenging.


Two of our favourite (not so secret) weapons.

Caffeine is proven to be incredible for sports performance, in manageable quantities. It reduces your rate of perceived exertion, mobilises your fat stores and sharpens your focus. Click here to find out more about the benefits of caffeine in sport. TrueStart Coffee contains 95mg of natural caffeine per serving, giving you the perfect boost every time and no crash. 

Beetroot juice has been proven to increase stamina by up to 16 percent, by reducing oxygen intake. Our friends over at Beet-It Sport have concentrated beetroot juice shots that guarantee 400mg of natural nitrate – the amount required for sports performance improvement.

Simon mixes Beet-It Sport and TrueStart Coffee together. I'm not even joking! Double win.


It's amazing how quickly the training miles clock up when you keep your mind on the finish line that you'll be crossing at the end of your big race. It's because your mind is focused on the big picture rather than getting sidetracked with obstacles in your way. Be aware of challenges you may face, but don't dwell on them. Close your eyes(unless you're on the road, of course!) and give visualisation a go.

Do you have any tips to improve endurance? Let us know in the comments, you may help another member of #TeamTrueStart to up their game!

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