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Your 4-step guide to becoming a runner


Want to set yourself a running or multi-sport goal, but no idea how to start running? I know how you feel. I used to think I "couldn't" run, which was the main reason I put off my first triathlon for so long. Here's my 4-step guide to getting yourself into running. It's exactly what I did, so I know it will work for you too.


Map out a simple route, preferably from your house so you can motivate yourself to get started easily. The route should be a loop of no longer than 20 minutes - keep it as flat as possible! Have your TrueStart Coffee, get yourself in the zone and head out the door.


This is all about getting started, and definitely NOT about speed. Do not run too fast. Concede that you are not Usain Bolt, and don't try to push yourself on the pace. You can do that once you're comfortable with running and looking to get faster.

I found this really hard. My instinct was to push the pace which meant I ended up running in short bursts and walking in between. On a nice flat route, you shouldn't need to walk if you are running at the correct pace. Don't beat yourself up about the speed or the distance, you're doing great.


Regulating your breathing is really important for efficiency and performance. Your body needs to distribute plenty of oxygen around your body to feed your muscles, so it's more important that you nail a good breathing technique early on than push yourself to go really fast.

You should primarily breathe in and out through your mouth which gets more air in. Avoid chest-breathing, it's too shallow. Instead, focus on diaphragmatic, or belly breathing.

Find your rhythm too. Try and breathe in and out for the same amount of time, 2 or 3 steps. Nice deep breaths!

Top tip: don't stress out when this doesn't come completely naturally. Practice makes perfect. Start practicing your breathing when walking then you can break into a gentle jog when you're feeling confident.


Once you're feeling comfortable with your route, start to build on it. Just add in another 10 or so minutes and keep doing this in stages until you're running for a whole 60 minutes. Did you ever think that would be possible? 

Now you can measure the distance (don't worry about how far it actually is). Then you can focus on either gradually building up your speed by doing the same route faster over time (remember I said gradually), or continue to add to the route to build up your distance and stamina even further.

You're now an endurance runner! Can you believe it!?

Let me know how you get on and if you have any more top tips to share, please do in the comments! 

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