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5 Reasons a triathlon should be on your bucket list

With the year coming to an end it’s time to start looking at what challenge you’re going to set yourself for next year. How about a marathon, sportive, or obstacle event? No? If a triathlon has always been something you'd love to do, it's time to up your game and make it happen! Okay, so it’s tough, there’s three sports to train for and for many, the daunting prospect of swimming in open water. But believe us, when you cross that finish line it will feel incredible. Plus, you’ll be hooked!

If you’re finding excuses not to do one, our friends at Zone3 have given us their top five reasons why you should be signing up to take part in your first triathlon.


Too much of one thing can get a little boring and isn’t recommended when it comes to exercise. With three sports to train for there’s definitely no time for boredom to set in. There’s also the physical benefit of mixing up your training and taking a more dynamic approach that includes running as well as lower impact swimming and cycling. The variety will help improve your all round fitness, and conditioning – developing power and efficiency, as well as preventing injury.


Triathlon is an all-round body workout and can drastically improve your fitness and physique. If you’re going for a stacked muscular build then triathlon probably isn’t the right sport for you, but it will definitely help you get lean. As well as the physical side, there’s also the emotional wellbeing – helping build mental toughness (as they say, it’s 90% mental and 10% physical) and improve self-esteem through achieving your personal goals. Plus, if you decide to do it for charity, there’s also a great underlying cause to keep you motivated.


Everyone likes a treat and taking up a new hobby gives you the perfect excuse to choose a new toy. Zone3's range is the perfect place to start browsing! With three disciplines triathlon isn't considered the cheapest sport, but there’s no need to go all out (unless you want to really splurge).

With all those extra calories you’ll be burning off each week you’ll also want to make sure you’re well fuelled. Healthy eating will help you get the most out of your engine but here’s no harm in occasionally rewarding yourself with something sweet, like an epic TrueStart Coffee cake!


Whether you decide to train with a triathlon club or individual swim/bike/run clubs, you’ll soon realise that a whole new social world comes with triathlon. Joining a club means you’ll get to meet likeminded people who will either be in the same boat as you, or able to share their experience and advice.

Taking up a new sport can be daunting but as one of the fastest growing sports, triathlon is used to welcoming new people and has become as much about the lifestyle and comradery as the actual sport itself.


When you start looking at the race calendar, you’ll soon realise that there’s plenty of opportunity to travel, whether that’s across the UK or further afield. Fact, swimming, cycling and running are all better in the sun so it could be the perfect excuse to take another holiday. Most triathlon clubs organise annual ‘warm weather’ training camps which are a great way of kick-starting your training and enjoying some sunshine at the same time.

There are lots of different triathlons to choose from and there's a distance for absolutely everyone. You can start with shorter sprint distances or even a taster triathlon, and work up to long distance events such as IronMan if you fancy it. There are even pool and open water swim options, depending how confident you feel in the water. Click here to join the #TeamTrueStart Facebook group and keep up to date with the triathlons that you can join us at next year. That extra support will be welcomed on race day!

So, what are you waiting for? Seriously, what are you actually waiting for? We’re keen to help you smash it, so if you’re still hesitating, tell us why in the comments!

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